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[texts]Apwjf Magazine Jan 2011 - Narasimharao
APWJF Official Magazine
Keywords: apwjf; samacharasravanti; working; journalist
Downloads: 109
[texts]Scientific American Volume 44 Number 10 (March 1881)

Keywords: steam; patent; patented; iron; boiler; electric; machine; scientific; scientific american; large; price list; letters patent; working pressure; steam engine; steam fire; sewing machine; wood working; safe working; induced current
Downloads: 110
[texts]Scientific American Volume 90 Number 02 (January 1904)

Keywords: scientific; american; theater; apparatus; electric; steam; steel; tion; eleven months; scientific american; oldest working; years ago; corresponding months; working locomotive; pullman car; three years; american january; gas engine
Downloads: 83
[texts]BSTJ 53: 4. April 1974: Contributors to this Issue.
Bell System Technical Journal, 53: 4. April 1974 pp 741-743. Contributors to this Issue.
Keywords: bell; optical; university; kappa; eta; waveguides; exploratory; engaged; sigma; presently; presently working; eta kappa
Downloads: 35
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 21 (November 1880)

Keywords: steam; manufacture; tlie; water; patented; sulphuric; scientific; acid; sulphuric acid; tion; sir henry; sewing machine; nitric acid; steam pressure; wood working; specific gravity; sulphur vapor; scientific american; working machinery
Downloads: 95
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 23 (December 1880)

Keywords: steam; scientific; tbe; engine; patent; patented; tion; wire; scientific american; illustrated; coal consumed; working machinery; horse power; price list; steam engine; hessian fly; wood working; great spot; wire apparatus
Downloads: 170
[texts]Omni Magazine (December 1990)

Keywords: ufo; tion; omni; alien; circles; researchers; nasa; seti; ment; air force; green men; alien almanac; remote sensing; machine language; crop circles; years ago; working group; wolf creek; ufo working
Downloads: 1,174
[texts]Scientific American Volume 44 Number 08 (February 1881)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; patented; gold; staves; iron; oil; gold chloride; machinery; wire rope; three times; scientific american; years ago; carbolic acid; working machinery; wood working; distilled water; steam pump
Downloads: 59
[texts]BSTJ 54: 6. July-August 1975: Contributors to this Issue.
Bell System Technical Journal, 54: 6. July-August 1975 pp 1175-1178. Contributors to this Issue.
Keywords: bell; university; sigma; institute; kappa; waveguide; studies; optical; eta; engaged; tau beta; presently engaged; massachusetts institute; presently working; eta kappa
Downloads: 17
[texts]BSTJ 61: 9. November 1982: Contributors to this Issue.
Bell System Technical Journal, 61: 9. November 1982 pp 2367-2372. Contributors to this Issue.
Keywords: bell; database; university; design; currently; institute; administration; ess; switching; human; database administration; computer science; interests include; currently working; data base
Downloads: 29
[texts]Scientific American Volume 48 Number 03 (January 1883)

Keywords: patented; steam; consists; improved; oil; patent; scientific; iron; wrought iron; scientific american; pumping engine; price list; wood working; takes place; lower ends; steam engine; ten feet; upper ends
Downloads: 71
[texts]Scientific American Volume 93 Number 04 (July 1905)

Keywords: scientific; friction; american; feet; munn; railroad; tion; patent; patent office; scientific american; skin friction; large number; main arch; years ago; victoria falls; working model; american july; imperial standard
Downloads: 72
[texts]Scientific American Volume 85 Number 21 (November 1901)

Keywords: steam; tion; scientific; patent; naval; electric; apparatus; cable; steam carriage; scientific american; three years; sulphuric acid; green island; inner corona; puget sound; working drawings; sound navy; horse power
Downloads: 84
[texts]Scientific American Volume 86 Number 23 (June 1902)

Keywords: scientific; locomotive; railroad; gasoline; pampas; cylinders; american; steam; years ago; scientific american; gasoline engines; driving wheels; horse power; working order; white dog; special accident; american june; pampas plume
Downloads: 68
[texts]Scientific American Volume 93 Number 20 (November 1905)

Keywords: scientific; american; device; gas; machine; oil; apparatus; electric; yellow fever; scientific american; rosin oil; large number; water cooler; artificial train; continuous bond; working drawings; dairy supply; joseph campbell
Downloads: 68
[texts]Scientific American Volume 86 Number 22 (May 1902)

Keywords: meters; machine; dough; scientific; automobile; machines; caisson; baskets; berry baskets; scientific american; slow meters; river bridge; working chamber; bast river; horse power; total number; berry basket; grape baskets
Downloads: 133
[texts]Scientific American Volume 91 Number 21 (November 1904)

Keywords: patent; scientific; fpr; automobile; device; water; tion; ani; wind chest; scientific american; working reproduction; water organ; mechanical skill; hot water; inventive idea; water box; typewriting machine; american november
Downloads: 105
[texts]Red Dwarf Smegazine (January 1993)

Keywords: rimmer; dwarf; tor; series; craig; lister; erm; hologram; red dwarf; steve lyons; fleetway editions; tavistock place; started working; second series; rob grant; place london; light bee; fan club
Downloads: 140
[texts]Scientific American Volume 84 Number 21 (May 1901)

Keywords: munn; electric; scientific; automobile; apparatus; acetylene; cents; manufacturers; horse power; rapid transit; sandy hook; high explosive; pipe galleries; working drawings; scientific american; tific american; gas engine; sectional view
Downloads: 97
[texts]Scientific American Volume 101 Number 01 (July 1909)

Keywords: scientific; american; tion; mechanical; patent; illustrations; inches; hyperspace; american supplement; scientific american; working drawings; subject matter; infinite number; practical treatise; york city; gas engines; producer gas; round trip
Downloads: 107
[texts]Scientific American Volume 84 Number 14 (April 1901)

Keywords: electric; scientific; machine; tion; brake; munn; automobile; manufacturers; acetylene gas; scientific american; working drawings; storage batteries; sheet metal; electric vehicle; motor carriage; electric car; gas engine; horse power
Downloads: 83
[texts]BSTJ 42: 2. March 1963: Contributors to this Issue.
Bell System Technical Journal, 42: 2. March 1963 pp 521-525. Contributors to this Issue.
Keywords: bell; telephone; carrier; development; engaged; presently; laboratories; transmission; broadband; kappa; polytechnic institute; group working; bell telephone; broadband carrier; eta kappa; western electric; carrier terminal; tau beta; telephone laboratories; early work
Downloads: 44
[texts]BSTJ 62: 8. October 1983: Application of the Minimum-Weight Spanning-Tree Algorithm to Assignment of Communication Facilities. (Strakhov, N.A.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 62: 8. October 1983 pp 2581-2602. Application of the Minimum-Weight Spanning-Tree Algorithm to Assignment of Communication Facilities. (Strakhov, N.A.)
Keywords: connection; facility; facilities; algorithm; circuit; table; connectivity; cosmos; connections; list; bell system; special equipment; connection list; working table; weight table; system technical; tie pair; linear list; connection count; facilities assignment
Downloads: 36
[texts]BSTJ 12: 4. October 1933: Certain Factors Limiting the Volume Efficiency of Repeatered Telephone Circuits. (Abraham, Leonard Gladstone)
Bell System Technical Journal, 12: 4. October 1933 pp 517-532. Certain Factors Limiting the Volume Efficiency of Repeatered Telephone Circuits. (Abraham, Leonard Gladstone)
Keywords: echo; crosstalk; loss; repeater; net; suppressor; circuits; circuit; variations; return; pilot wire; minimum working; net loss; bell system; return loss; volume efficiency; technical journal; crosstalk coupling; echo suppressor; terminal return
Downloads: 33
[texts]Scientific American Volume 07 Number 08 (November 1851)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; ofthe; iron; brake; improvement; zinc; patent office; claim; freight train; working cylinder; scientific american; hydrogen gas; spur wheel; great exhibition; static pressure; brake wheel; steam engines
Downloads: 47
[texts]BSTJ 43: 4. July 1964: Cable and Repeater Handling System. (Grismore, O.D.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 43: 4. July 1964 pp 1373-1394. Cable and Repeater Handling System. (Grismore, O.D.)
Keywords: cable; repeater; repeaters; tank; parachute; system; deck; payout; transmission; laying; cable laying; taut wire; repeater handling; bell system; cable engine; cable working; repeater stowage; handling system; system technical; cable payout
Downloads: 24
[texts]BSTJ 11: 4. October 1932: Long Distance Telephone Circuits in Cable. (Clark, A.B.; Osborne, H.S.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 11: 4. October 1932 pp 520-545. Long Distance Telephone Circuits in Cable. (Clark, A.B.; Osborne, H.S.)
Keywords: circuits; cable; circuit; loading; crosstalk; cables; toll; transmission; echo; telephone; cable circuits; echo suppressors; bell system; telephone circuits; long distance; distance telephone; technical journal; net loss; system technical; working net
Downloads: 19
[texts]Scientific American Volume 08 Number 14 (April 1863)

Keywords: patent; combination; claim; scientific; purpose; patents; patented; steam; scientific american; arranged; working valve; sulphuric acid; patented march; patent office; york city; american patent; purpose set; address munn; specific gravity
Downloads: 55
[texts]BSTJ 42: 1. January 1963: Development of Solderless Wire Connector for Splicing Multipair Cable. (Graff, H.J.; Peacock, J.M.; Zalmans, J.J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 42: 1. January 1963 pp 131-153. Development of Solderless Wire Connector for Splicing Multipair Cable. (Graff, H.J.; Peacock, J.M.; Zalmans, J.J.)
Keywords: connector; resistance; aging; contact; solderless; test; reliability; wire; accelerated; connectors; solderless wire; solderless wrapped; wire connector; system technical; contact resistance; loop resistance; aging mechanisms; bell system; natural aging; mechanical working
Downloads: 33
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 16 (October 1880)

Keywords: steam; patent; patented; air; boiler; iron; scientific; nickel; scientific american; american; cotton seed; wood working; organic matter; king penguins; sewing machine; hot air; pumice stone; lake superior; tin foil
Downloads: 60
[texts]Scientific American Volume 42 Number 22 (May 1880)

Keywords: patented; patent; scientific; improved; consists; patents; iron; steam; scientific american; hydraulic; welland canal; union telegraph; circuit court; great deal; wood working; wrought iron; patent issued; spider crab; tilting levers
Downloads: 110
[texts]Scientific American Volume 03 Number 15 (October 1860)

Keywords: patent; steam; combination; scientific; arrangement; manner; purpose; claim; purpose set; provement; horizontal steam; cubic feet; purposes set; second class; scientific american; patent office; working steam; steam engine; coal tar
Downloads: 58
[texts]BSTJ 12: 3. July 1933: A System of Effective Transmission Data for Rating Telephone Circuits. (McKown, F.W.; Emling, J.W.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 12: 3. July 1933 pp 331-346. A System of Effective Transmission Data for Rating Telephone Circuits. (McKown, F.W.; Emling, J.W.)
Keywords: circuit; loss; effective; circuits; volume; losses; transmission; reference; noise; rating; telephone circuits; effective losses; working reference; effective loss; reference system; transmission data; system technical; room noise; volume loss; technical journal
Downloads: 29
[texts]Scientific American Volume 43 Number 24 (December 1880)

Keywords: patent; scientific; iron; patented; apparatus; american; december; steam; scientific american; machine; gutta percha; steam boiler; pumping apparatus; electric light; live stock; price list; wood working; crank pin; professor henry
Downloads: 68
[texts]BSTJ 53: 1. January 1974: Automatic Intercept System: Peripheral Circuits. (Brendel, P.J.; Comella, W.K.; Markson, R.N.; Moylan, P.J.; Orost, J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 53: 1. January 1974 pp 71-106. Automatic Intercept System: Peripheral Circuits. (Brendel, P.J.; Comella, W.K.; Markson, R.N.; Moylan, P.J.; Orost, J.)
Keywords: trunk; connector; scanner; program; aic; processor; trunks; circuit; operator; diagnostic; working mode; autonomous scanner; time division; control program; time slot; bell system; offline diagnostic; system technical; peripheral circuits; mode program
Downloads: 32
[texts]Scientific American Volume 10 Number 26 (June 1864)

Keywords: machine; steam; apparatus; manufacture; combination; mode; patent; claim; york city; railroad; working steam; thread tension; scientific american; sewing machines; purpose set; purposes set; hessian fly; patent office; railroad cars
Downloads: 66
[texts]Scientific American Volume 79 Number 12 (September 1898)

Keywords: scientific; emery; water; grammes; bicycle; device; island; glacial; scientific american; strut; manual training; ice sheet; santa catalina; bending strains; working chamber; years ago; gas holder; palm oil; civilized indians
Downloads: 73
[texts]Bound By Ink Issue 09 2012
Bound By Ink Issue 09 2012
Keywords: tattoo; rick; tattoos; art; modeling; krystin; artists; jilted; tattooing; guys; traditional tattoo; tattoo artists; source interlink; rich coyle; jay read; champion welder; started working; open minded; multiple personality; high school
Downloads: 13
[texts]Scientific American Volume 52 Number 10 (March 1885)

Keywords: steam; scientific; inch; patented; patent; rudder; iron; inches; scientific american; asbestos; atmospheric pressure; american supplement; address munn; cubic foot; lower ends; power required; inch pine; life insurance; wood working
Downloads: 105
[texts]Scientific American Volume 52 Number 02 (January 1885)

Keywords: scientific; steam; patented; water; patents; american; apparatus; patent; scientific american; color; working capital; valuable paper; address munn; electric lighting; salt water; years ago; hearing capacity; price list; professor bell
Downloads: 48
[texts]Scientific American Volume 52 Number 19 (May 1885)

Keywords: scientific; patented; steam; apparatus; oil; machine; american; patent; scientific american; munn; window screen; tree planting; address munn; linseed oil; cut nails; years ago; sewing machine; american supplement; wood working
Downloads: 70
[texts]Scientific American Volume 10 Number 48 (August 1855)

Keywords: patent; steam; piston; claim; patents; woolen; manner; scientific; tape worm; combination; purposes set; hot air; slide rest; scientific american; horse power; rail road; working piston; steam pressure; supply piston
Downloads: 103
[texts]BSTJ 50: 3. March 1971: Contributors to this Issue.
Bell System Technical Journal, 50: 3. March 1971 pp 1083-1088. Contributors to this Issue.
Keywords: bell; telephone; engaged; kappa; tau; university; eta; sigma; beta; currently; national taiwan; massachusetts institute; bell telephone; city college; eta kappa; system technical; bell laboratories; currently working; tau beta; bell system
Downloads: 30
[texts]Scientific American Volume 28 Number 13 (March 1873)

Keywords: patent; steam; scientific; asks; patents; boiler; water; improved; scientific american; american; wood working; steam engine; water wheel; patent office; hind shoe; address munn; price list; trade mark; nebular theory
Downloads: 46
[texts]Heresies Magazine Issue #7: Women Working Together (Volume 2, Number 3)

Keywords: women; groups; lesbian; collective; feminist; heresies; group; projects; bookstore; lesbian art; women working; collective members; art project; york city; natalie barney; heresies collective; women artists; unknown woman; rule number
Downloads: 180
[texts]Scientific American Volume 46 Number 11 (March 1882)

Keywords: patented; patent; steam; scientific; patents; improved; water; consists; electric light; iron; sharp bend; river front; scientific american; wood working; northwestern railway; short time; hammer rod; light tower; low water
Downloads: 74
[texts]Scientific American Volume 53 Number 17 (October 1885)

Keywords: scientific; patented; steam; illustrated; munn; contained; patent; american; scientific american; shaft; wood working; postal order; cast iron; upper ends; address munn; lower ends; american supplement; star fish; manchester ship
Downloads: 58
[texts]BSTJ 50: 7. September 1971: TH-3 Medium-Haul Application: Protection Switching . (Cooney, R.T.; Griffiths, H.D.; Lanigan, F.H.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 50: 7. September 1971 pp 2315-2343. TH-3 Medium-Haul Application: Protection Switching . (Cooney, R.T.; Griffiths, H.D.; Lanigan, F.H.)
Keywords: channel; switching; switch; pilot; circuit; system; auxiliary; noise; logic; standby; switching system; repeater station; protection switching; main station; auxiliary channel; bell system; switch control; system technical; working channel; standby channel
Downloads: 26
[texts]Scientific American Volume 53 Number 02 (July 1885)

Keywords: patented; scientific; steam; munn; color; cotton; tion; wood; scientific american; american; white lead; sewing machine; red clover; torpedo boats; address munn; wood working; yellow pine; feet long; railway rail
Downloads: 120
[texts]Scientific American Volume 47 Number 06 (August 1882)

Keywords: steam; patented; scientific; iron; tion; water; american; patent; scientific american; going; safety valve; opposite sides; steam fire; sulphuric acid; steam engine; sewing machine; wood working; standard american; motive power
Downloads: 45
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